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HostingAdvice published an article about Funio

Website as published an article about Funio yesterday following an interview we did with them: Working Toward a Better Web: Funio Offers Fast and Reliable Hosting That Makes Building an Online Presence Easy We invite you to go read this article. The link to this article is available [...]

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Funio VPS, less expensive, more powerful!

Three years ago, Funio launched a hosting plan thought out and designed for its most demanding customers: resellers, agencies and companies looking for more resources while keeping the ease of use and comfort of the Funio shared hosting plans. Since 2015, the Funio VPS is the epitome of what Funio believes in: offering products that are easy to use, reliable, powerful and topnotch support at all times.

We’re happy to present to you today the evolution of [...]

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How to create a successful email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign is a formidable tactic to attract new clients and promote your products and services. Here is the secret recipe for success to get great opening and conversion rates.

Be responsive!

Less and less people read their emails on their desktop computers anymore. Nowadays, it’s on our smartphones and tablets that we check and manage our emails. This is why it is crucial that your campaigns are responsive.

More importantly, it must be really easy to interact [...]

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How to Find Amazing Free Photos for Your Website

A photo shoot with a professional photographer is a great way to put your product or company on the map, with a strong image and identity. However, it can get pricey super fast. Photos are key elements of your website. It gives it a strong personality, helps you create your identity and carries through the strong messages and impressions you need to make a strong impression. Images show who you are and what you do. A photo is reassuring and [...]

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Design Trends for 2017

Design trends keep changing. This never ending evolution forces us to adapt and change as well. So here are the latest design trends for 2017, so that you can keep your website up to date!

Flat Design

For a few years now, flat design is having a comeback. Make no mistake, it’s still going strong in 2017. Say goodbye to gradients, shadows and other embossed designs. The trend is flat, where icons are only layered on solid colors. It is [...]

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Discover your new website builder!

First things first, the whole Funio team would like to wish you a happy new year and a lot of success for your online projects in 2017!

To start 2017 the right way, we are happy to introduce you to the new site builder, thought out and designed to help you create your website easily.

This new site builder is intuitive and offers an interesting alternative for those for whom CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are too complex [...]

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Why you need a SSL certificate

How to get the small green lock next to your website’s URL? With a SSL certificate! It is an indicator that the connection to your website is secure. In other words, it shows your valued visitors that your website is safe and legitimate. With a SSL certificate, you demonstrate to your customers that they can trust you and that every byte of information they will send through your website is encrypted.

What certificate should you choose? You have the choice [...]

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Your new Funio Hub

Here we are! After months of development, redesign, polls, tests and fine tuning, we are about to push the button to switch to the new Funio Hub for good.

More modern and easier to use 

The first thing you will notice is a comprehensive redesign of the interface. Our goal is to simplify the Funio Hub and make the management of your hosting, domain name, SSL certificate more efficient and straightforward. The new Funio Hub is clearer, [...]

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Resources, Notifications: Here Are the New Funio Hub Features

As you may already know, we launched the new Funio Hub a few months ago, and we keep on adding components and making it better day in day out, to help you managing your site. Here are the latest features!

Notifications for a smoother experience

The main objective of the Funio Hub is to make the management of your website easier. We achieve this with quick access and shortcuts and with many integrations with cPanel and much [...]

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4 new plans designed for your online store

To celebrate the end of summer, we are quite proud to introduce you to our brand new hosting plans, especially made for eCommerce.

The 4 best platforms for your online shop

What are the four best tools for an online shop? After studying the topic at length, we chose the four eCommerce platforms the most used, renown and practical for your online store:

  • Prestashop: with its elegant free themes and its usability, Prestashop is the go-to eCommerce [...]
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