Your new Funio Hub

Here we are! After months of development, redesign, polls, tests and fine tuning, we are about to push the button to switch to the new Funio Hub for good.

More modern and easier to use 

The first thing you will notice is a comprehensive redesign of the interface. Our goal is to simplify the Funio Hub and make the management of your hosting, domain name, SSL certificate more efficient and straightforward. The new Funio Hub is clearer, more modern and tailored to your needs.

The novelty is this navigation sidebar that will allow you to access swiftly to your products and much more. We also fully redesigned the interface taking into account the latest design and UX trends.

 An interface made to be mobile

Within our dev team, the mission was clear. Modernizing our Funio Hub meant making it easy to manage hosting plans from a smartphone. Just like the Funio mobile app, the Funio Hub is now fully responsive. From an iPad, an Android smartphone, your desktop computer, wherever you are, you can now manage your domain names and hosting plans in a few clicks.

In other words, it’s a more elegant, more mobile and easier to use Funio Hub that we are releasing now, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

The change will take place next week (week of the 21st of November). If you’d like to get accustomed to it, feel free to start using it here:
If you need help with this new interface, you will find all the info you might need in our knowledge base



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