Why you need a SSL certificate

How to get the small green lock next to your website’s URL? With a SSL certificate! It is an indicator that the connection to your website is secure. In other words, it shows your valued visitors that your website is safe and legitimate.
With a SSL certificate, you demonstrate to your customers that they can trust you and that every byte of information they will send through your website is encrypted.

What certificate should you choose? You have the choice between four options: Let’s Encrypt, SimpleSSL, Wildcard SSL and EV SSL. Which one is the best for you?

  • Let’s Encrypt: Let’s Encrypt was launched by the Internet Security Research Group and aims to make the internet a safer place with free SSL certificates. It is free, automated, safe, transparent, open and cooperative. And it is available with all of the Funio plans!
  • SimpleSSL: this is the solution to secure one domain name (as well as the www subdomain).
  • Wildcard SSL: if you need to secure all of your subdomains as well (such as blog.mydomain.com for instance), then a Wildcard SSL is what you need!
  • EV SSL: with this SSL certificate, in addition to the lock, you will have the green bar with the name of the company. This is the strongest – and the most expensive – SSL certificate, as it requires a rigorous and comprehensive validation and verification process.

In addition to making the internet a safer place, a SSL certificate also has a positive impact on the speed of your site and its search engine ranking, as it proves to search engines that your website is legitimate. In other words, it is a key part of your online success. It would be too bad to miss out!


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