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First things first, the whole Funio team would like to wish you a happy new year and a lot of success for your online projects in 2017!

To start 2017 the right way, we are happy to introduce you to the new site builder, thought out and designed to help you create your website easily.

This new site builder is intuitive and offers an interesting alternative for those for whom CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are too complex or require too much maintenance.

Ease of use first!

Thanks to hundreds of elegant and responsive templates, designed by pros, you can choose in a few minutes what your site will look like, and start customizing it in instants.

The site builder interface is incredibly easy: add and edit sections with a smart “drag and drop” tool. You can then customize colors, fonts, texts and images. You can also add icons or customize the blocks. The site builder does it all and will make sure your website remain responsive.

Absolutely everything is customizable. From the header to the footer, every block of content and every image is easy to edit in a few clicks. And if you’d like to to go further you can add your own HTML, CSS or JavaScript code.

With this new builder, you won’t have any bad surprises as it is WISIWYG (« what you see is what you get »). What you make in the builder will be your website exactly.

Available now!

In addition to be intuitive, easy to use and to allow you to make a website in only a few minutes, the new site builder has contact forms for you and supports multi-language. It is also designed to help you improve your ranking with many SEO optimizations included.

The new site builder is free and available with all of Funio’s web hosting plans as of now! So start now, your website is only a few clicks away.

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