Resources, Notifications: Here Are the New Funio Hub Features

As you may already know, we launched the new Funio Hub a few months ago, and we keep on adding components and making it better day in day out, to help you managing your site. Here are the latest features!

Notifications for a smoother experience

The main objective of the Funio Hub is to make the management of your website easier. We achieve this with quick access and shortcuts and with many integrations with cPanel and much more. We wanted to go one step further and help even more with a notification system within your Funio Hub.

Now, as soon as an action is required, you will see a notification at the top right hand of your screen. This will help you to set up your new plans, SSL certificates and other products.

Keep an eye on the resource usage!

When we asked you what you wanted to see on the homepage of the new Hub, two things were mentioned many times: quick access to the main management platforms and a resource usage overview for your website.

Consider it done! Your CPU and RAM usage is now visible on the homepage of your Funio Hub (only if you have one hosting plan). And if you want more information, you can go to the resource tab of your product and see the I/O usage and virtual RAM usage. This will allow you to keep an eye on the resource usage and to adjust and upgrade if needed!

We hope you will like these new features! Numerous new other features are coming, so stay tuned!

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