How to create a successful email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign is a formidable tactic to attract new clients and promote your products and services. Here is the secret recipe for success to get great opening and conversion rates.

Be responsive!

Less and less people read their emails on their desktop computers anymore. Nowadays, it’s on our smartphones and tablets that we check and manage our emails. This is why it is crucial that your campaigns are responsive.

More importantly, it must be really easy to interact with the email on your phone. It will prevent you from losing possible conversions from all the people consulting the emails on their smartphones.

Most email marketing software such as CakeMail allows you to create mobile versions very easily, without being a strong coder. Take advantage of such tools!

Write Strong Call to Actions

In order to engage with your audience, it is important to write strong and efficient call to actions. Use action verbs and big and bold buttons. More importantly, create an urge to click and interact with your campaign! This is key to a high conversion rate.

Optimize Your Campaigns Thanks to Advanced Statistics

After each campaign, take advantage of the advanced and detailed statistics provided by most email marketing solutions (once again, CakeMail provides many advanced stats). It’s thanks to these insights that you will be able to optimize and improve your next campaigns to get a better conversion rate.

Follow those tips will surely help you improve your conversion rate, and therefore get more customers.

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