Design Trends for 2017

Design trends keep changing. This never ending evolution forces us to adapt and change as well. So here are the latest design trends for 2017, so that you can keep your website up to date!

Flat Design

For a few years now, flat design is having a comeback. Make no mistake, it’s still going strong in 2017. Say goodbye to gradients, shadows and other embossed designs. The trend is flat, where icons are only layered on solid colors. It is used especially to design for mobile devices, where it helps keep it clean and easy to browse and use. Indeed, it is more than design as it helps with UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). Go further than the wow effect for a better user experience!


In a way, it goes hand in hand with flat design: minimalism. It’s time for pure, clear and simple design where content and images shine. Obviously, it means getting rid of all these design elements clouding the page and distracting users from what really matters. Think of your favorite sites and you will realize how strong this trend is. Media, magazines and others have designs and templates that get lighter every day in order to favor clarity, conciseness and easy to read and understand outlines.


As a header, a background or a key element, videos and animations are taking over for landing pages. Often presented in minimalist ways, they help to present a nice and efficient preview of what’s the website is all about. It can be the best way to give your website a design boost! Furthermore, it adds warmth and vitality on your website. It is the perfect balance with minimalist design. The movement gives your website life and helps connect with your users.

With these three trends, whether you use WordPress or another CMS, your website in its 2017 version will be modern and will focus on what is the most important: the experience of your visitors.

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