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New promotion: volume discount for domain names! 

We just implemented a new system of volume discount for those who have more than 30 domain names in their Funio Hub.

When you have more than 30 domain names, you will now take advantage of up to 60% discount on the regular price! It applies when you buy new domain names, when you renew yours or even for domain names transfers!

There are no monthly cost and the discount applies automatically when you pay.

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PHP7 is available on Funio’s servers!

On December 3, PHP released its latest version: PHP 7. The version before, PHP 5.6 was already a year old.

This new version of PHP is a major step for the programming language. It offers a good number of improvements and optimizations that are the results of a more than 2 years of work. Some people in the industry even called this new version a new generation of PHP, with great potential.

PHP 7 is also up to twice [...]

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One App To Revolutionize Web Hosting

When we talk about hosting made easy at Funio, it’s more than a punchline. Web hosting can’t be overly complex and technical anymore.

It is 2015 so it’s time to provide a single interface to manage all web hosting needs with ease. More importantly, it’s time to take into account cusomters’ new habits and offer a mobile solution. This is our belief.

This is why we are really proud to introduce you to the Funio mobile application [...]

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Making hosting easy – for good

Interfaces that all look different, too many passwords to remember, too many technical steps to set up things that should be simple to configure… Hosting is way behind.

At a time when user experience, intuitive interfaces and easy solutions are on everyone’s lips, web hosting remains something complex.

How can we improve it?

Time for centralized management

One interface to rule them all. Imagine managing all your hosting plans and domain names in one place. Imagine having the [...]

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Why is web hosting still so complicated?

After celebrating #BackToTheFutureDay and comparing futuristic products to reality, we realized that there are still no self-lacing sneakers. But the future is still here as we manage our bank accounts directly on our smartphones, and can get pretty much everything delivered at our doors in a few clicks. Still, some things are unchanged.

Web hosting is one of them.

Even though web hosting is a must for millions of people who need to promote their companies, services, and projects, being [...]

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Web hosting: the checklist for your Black Friday success

Anything planned for Friday, November 27? A lot of companies are already planning for “Black Friday”, a day dedicated to good deals, rebates and impressive promotions. For most people, it’s one of the main events of the end of the year. For businesses, it’s one of the most important days of the last quarter of the year.

Thousands of people are looking forward to Black Friday, which makes it a key date if you sell your products online. Here are [...]

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Even more extensions for your domain names!

In the last couple years, the internet has changed and opened itself. We said goodbye to the limited possibilities of .com, .net or .ca domain names. The new gTLDs (for “Generic Top-Level Domains”) offer almost infinite possibilities when it comes to choose your domain name. In other words, you won’t have to spend hours looking for the right domain name because nothing is available for your website or project.

New domain names, what for?

This is an initiative from ICANN [...]

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Why a VPS is the best solution for web hosting resellers

What are web hosting resellers looking for? We often hear they want a reliable, fast and easy to manage solution. Whether it is for 25, 200 or 2000 clients, a reseller has to make sure he provides safe and reliable hosting. VPS hosting (for “Virtual Private Server”) is a perfect answer to those needs. Why?

Flexibility is your best friend

A VPS is just like a dedicated server. You have a dedicated IP address [...]

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