HTTP/2 is here to make the web faster!

Since 1999, the web has changed tremendously. It might seem paradoxical then that the latest version of HTTP, the hypertext transfer protocol at the basis of data communication for internet dates back to… 1999.

It took 17 years for HTTP/2 to see the light. Good news, this new protocol starts a new chapter for the web, with better performances and security.

HTTP/2 is based on the original HTTP – methods, status codes and semantics haven’t changed – but improves tremendously the performances for end-users.

HTTP/2  allows to improve the latency, the use of server ressources and network. For instance, the main goal of the new protocol is to allow the use of a single connection from a browser to a website. This way, the transfer of data goes through only one connection instead of dozens or hundreds, as it was the case with the previous HTTP.

There are also other benefits that will improve performances and connections:

  • It is now possible to communicate to the server which resources are important;
  • The header size is less important thanks to a compression system;
  • The server can send resources the client hasn’t asked for yet.

To witness the differences of performance, you can check out this link. With HTTP/2, the image loads a lot faster.

Funio is proud to support and use HTTP/2, and to deploy all of its websites powered by our WordPress Hosting with HTTP/2.

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