What’s new in the Funio App?

In this first month of 2016, we are really happy to announce the first major update of the Funio App!

This update offers two main new features – as well as many minor improvements here and there. So, what’s new in the Funio App?

Technical support directly on your phone

The main new feature is a big one: we integrated the whole support section in the app. You can now open technical request and interact with our support team directly on your phone. We also added an access to our knowledge base with an intuitive and efficient search engine.

In this new support section, you can:

  • Check Funio’s knowledge base;
  • Open a ticket and reply;
  • Check your previous tickets;
  • Communicate directly with our support team.

We wanted to make this interface easy and intuitive. With this new feature, it is as if you can text our support team when needed.

More importantly, this new feature is one more step towards our aim: easy, fast and mobile management of your web hosting and domain names.

Manage and add contacts

Also, you can now manage the contacts of your account directly in the app. Add or edit the technical, administrative or billing contacts wherever you are.

This first update is only a start. Trust us, we have many more features coming for the Funio App.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the app and the new features here on our social media!


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