Making hosting easy – for good

Interfaces that all look different, too many passwords to remember, too many technical steps to set up things that should be simple to configure… Hosting is way behind.

At a time when user experience, intuitive interfaces and easy solutions are on everyone’s lips, web hosting remains something complex.

How can we improve it?

Time for centralized management

One interface to rule them all. Imagine managing all your hosting plans and domain names in one place. Imagine having the useful cPanel functions at the tip of your fingers without having to log into cPanel, managing your DNS zones with ease and renewing your domain names in a few clicks. It sounds like common sense but it is far from being a given in the industry.

Here at Funio, we’re committed to developing integrated management for all your products. This is possible through our hub, which centralizes all your products, and all the functions you need, on a day-to-day basis: invoicing, support, and all information and troubleshooting you will need for your online presence.

“This is what the Funio team is aiming for. We want our clients to have everything they need centralized in one place, instead of having to manage three or four different interfaces,” explains Simon-Pierre LeBel, product director.

Think mobility

Here is an interesting paradox: we’re more mobile than ever, yet managing your online presence is often done on a computer. Why? Because those tasks are often complex enough they require a sizeable screen and a keyboard.

“It might seem logical, but when you think about it, it’s because this difficulty is a given and we adapt to it. It would be more logical to question it, and to transform this complicated process in something easy, quick, and doable on mobile devices,” continues Simon-Pierre LeBel.

On November 20, Funio will release its mobile app. The Funio app is a free application which will address all your hosting needs. Domain names, hosting plans, SSL certificates or email marketing, it’s all there.

This app is the realization of the future of web hosting. Our goal is to provide easy, integrated mobile management of your online presence. This is where we make a difference. “We’re looking forward to showing you what we’ve been working on the last several months, and bring you one step closer to a new and easier web hosting,” concludes Simon-Pierre LeBel.

See you on November 20 then.  Until then, you can follow this blog and our activity on social media for news and developments about the app!


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