How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Your domain name is your address on the internet. It is your brand, your identity. In other words, it is one of the most important elements of your online strategy. Therefore, don’t neglect it.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

To choose the best domain name, make sure you choose one that’s easy to remember. One that is too long or too complex won’t help your future clients or the visitors of your website to find you again easily, and you don’t want this. It is also recommended to highlight where you’re from with a regional extension. Showing where you’re from is usually a positive thing and will also help your search engine ranking in this very area. You should therefore consider the .ca and .quebec extensions!

Buy and Keep the Similar Domain Names

As your domain name is part of your brand, you have to protect it! It is highly recommended to buy the similar domain names with other extensions. You own a .ca domain name? Buy the same one with .com and .net as well as the other relevant ones. With a simple redirect, you can send all these domain names towards your main website. More importantly, it will be impossible to stumble upon another website when looking for you.

To check if your domain is available, click here.

Be original!

For the last few years, a lot of new extensions appeared on the domain name market. From colorful ones (.black, .pink, .green or even .gold) to other extensions that will allow you to stand out (.pizza, .buzz, .shoes, .tech and many more!), these new and creative TLDs are a perfect fit for special campaigns or microsites for instance. Don’t hesitate to stand out and to be creative with these new original domain names.

For a list of the best TLDs, click here!

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