“Fully-managed VPS”, what does it mean?

VPS. Sometimes, these three letters can look scary.

For most, a virtual private server is an empty shell, just like a dedicated server. Therefore, you would be in charge of the install the operating system and of managing and “building” the server from a simple root access. It is something complex and reserved for those with a lot of experience and technical knowledge of how server works.

This solution might be perfect for developers and proven SysAdmins. For others, though, it’s a different story. Taking advantage of the flexibility, power and elasticity of a VPS usually means teaching yourself a huge amount of technical details.

Because it’s powerful and flexible, a VPS makes your life easier. It provides you a secure and fast environment for your business. And if you need more resources (RAM, CPU or SSD disk space), you can scale and upgrade in a few seconds to meet your new needs. (You can even do it on the Funio App now!)

Technological barriers should never prevent you from using such a powerful and efficient tool. Even more when this tool would be beneficial for your business.

This is why, at Funio, we designed a “fully-managed” VPS. Fully-managed, what does it mean?

It means we take care of it all:

  • We install the OS and keep it up-to-date;
  • Applications are installed and kept up-to-date;
  • We are in charge of security against malware and DDoS;
  • We monitor the performances of your VPS;
  • We take care of backups.

In addition to managing all the technical aspects, our VPS comes with VIP support. Your online presence is important, we know it, this is why our experts are available 24/7 to help you and support you.

In other words, leave us the technical aspects and enjoy the power and the flexibility of a VPS.

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