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If you are a Canadian company with an online presence, you should have a .CA domain name.

Because only Canadians can get a .CA domain, it becomes a beacon of trust for Canadians on the Web. A .CA domain is also a good SEO strategy: since .CA is exclusive to Canada, .CA domain names are given more prominence in search engines for customers searching within Canada.

Your .CA Registrar

As a fully accredited .CA registrar, Funio allows you to manage all aspects of your domain name directly through our unique and easy to use domain management interface integrated to our Customer Hub. Here are some Funio Domain highlights:

  • Bulk domain renewals, as well as contact and name server modifications
  • Centralized domain and additional product management
  • An intuitive and unique DNS zone management interface
  • Easy personalized name server creation
  • Canadian-based people that understand .CA

Get a .CA domain name with Funio today!

Did you know…

The CIRA has lots of great resources online? Don’t miss their featured videos about Canadian companies like you and domain name related information, such as their latest video about the domain name 3 Rs!

As per surveys made by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), 85% of Canadian internet users think that a .CA domain is an important resource for Canadians. Having a .CA domain name is like wearing the flag on your coat or your backpack.

Funio is proud to partner with CIRA and represent the Canadian domain name.

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