The .QUEBEC Have Arrived!

The wait time is over! Since Tuesday November 18 2014, you can register your very own .QUEBEC domain name! First come: first served.

Who can get ahold of a .QUEBEC domain name? It’s for anyone that resides in Québec, comes from Québec or any opportunists that wish to target a Québec audience!

Why a .QUEBEC?


Unlike .com domains where the vast majority of short and relevant names are already taken, .QUEBEC opens up a world of interesting possibilities. Give free rein to your creativity!


Search engines sort results by domain name suffixes among other conditions. When someone located in Québec does a web search, sites with a .QUEBEC address are more likely to be on top of the search result lists.


By obtaining a .QUEBEC, you are also protecting your brand by keeping the upper hand on your trademark, one of your most important assets. Acquire your company.QUEBEC before someone else does.

Click here to register a .QUEBEC domain name with Funio!

The Quebec Domain Name Registry

The .QUEBEC is part of a new wave of generic top level domains (gTLD) authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Back in 2008, the PointQuebec group initiated steps to obtain the authorization to promote the province of Québec and its own distinct identity on the Web. The motion was unanimously supported by all parties at the National Assembly. See the video!

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