The Holiday Greeting Message

Were you thinking of sending a Holiday greeting message to your customers? Now that I’ve mentioned it, are you thinking about it now? We have a great platform that allows you send an email to up to 100 contacts for free when you have a hosting plan with us. Funio CakeMail is an email marketing application with dozens of templates to choose from, an easy-to-use management interface and campaign statistics.

We use this platform ourselves when sending our monthly newsletter to all our customers. I have also decided I was personally going to use it this year to send a warm felt message to my family and friends.

Why Send a Holiday Message?

Reminding your customers that you are present is not a bad idea, especially when you provide services that require interaction with them. The Holidays are, in essence, a time where families come together. It’s also a period that tends to remind us that, in some way, what really matters are the people that surround us.

As strange as this may sound, businesses are people too; people saying “Hi!” to each other once in a while outside the standard or mandatory interactions is kind of great. Sending your wishes to your customers is a gesture loaded with significance. Even if your message is disregarded, you have taken the time to communicate with your customer, and that should mean something all on its own.

What To Say

You have never done this before? There are plenty of professional message templates you can choose from by doing a quick Google search. Copy/paste is a bad idea; your message should be unique and meaningful. It all boils down to two types of email greetings:

1. The “Sales” Greetings

You have an amazing promotion that really deserves to be shared with your customers. I don’t recommend making a heartfelt and meaningful message out of this format. Just share the Holiday love through your products, making your sale the Holiday gift, not the message.

2. The “Greeting” Greetings

You just want to wish your customers Happy Holidays because deep down inside, you care. Don’t make it about you (or not too much, or only if you think it’s pertinent). Make it about the customer, how grateful you are to do business with them, and wish them whatever you think is fitting. Take this opportunity to slip in a reminder, like schedule changes during the Holiday period.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated: Get CakeMail

Not a lot of time to set this up because of the busy Holiday period and “everyone at the office is going away on vacation” rush? Grab one of the templates in the CakeMail email marketing application, put in your own content and send it to your mailing list. Seriously, I can do this in 5 minutes.

To get your own email marketing service for free, just log into your Customer Hub’s Products section and add it there. If you do not have a hosting plan with Funio, you can get this service for 5$/month, but you get to send to 1000 contacts to begin with instead of 100!

We believe the Funio CakeMail application is the ideal tool that will allow you to send the perfect Holiday greeting message!

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