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With 1.3 Billion (yes, that’s a ‘B’) active users, your local business should have a Business page on Facebook. The page should mention your business’ events, sales and news. The catch is that Facebook won’t display all your updates (also known as “posts”) to all the people who’ve “Liked” your business.

Even if your page has amazing updates, thousands of followers and a die-hard fan base, your news simply won’t show up to everyone who’s signed up. Facebook filters the information, based on how interesting it believes it will be for the user.

Which is why it’s a good idea to ask people for their email address if they want to receive all the updates. Most importantly, when you’re using emails to send updates you have the ability to share everything you want to. You’ll know exactly who’s reading your news and who’s clicking for more information.

Here is how you can easily install a form on your Facebook page:

  1. From your CakeMail management interface, click on Contacts Lists
  2. Select Your contact list (or create one dedicated to Facebook)
  3. Click on Manage Forms
  4. Click on HTML code under the Facebook subscription form
  5. Select everything and copy
  6. Click on instructions, follow the steps and you’re all set!

Funio CakeMail Facebook Form

You can also use a direct link to the form, and include it in a post that asks people to sign up (Tips: keep the post short, and use a great picture or image to grab their attention).

For more tips on how to build your contact list, visit:

Note (by Funio): sometimes bots will Like your Facebook page. If you send emails to illegitimate email addresses, it will reflect poorly on your email marketing tactics. Just keep that in mind and make sure new likes are legitimate!

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