No One Likes Spam. Mandatory CakeMail Business Address.

If you are the proud user of a Funio CakeMail email marketing service, you will meet, starting March 31st 2014, a mandatory contact information form. You probably already filled your business profile before, therefore this would only be a confirmation for you.

CakeMail Business Profile

CakeMail is enforcing the presence of your mailing address in every campaign being sent from their email marketing interface in order to stay in line with international anti-spam laws. Starting May 1st 2014, all emails sent from CakeMail will include the mailing address you entered in the business profile.

You May Need to Edit Your Template

If you are using a CakeMail template, you will have noticed that the address is present at the bottom of your emails, through the use of the [CLIENTS.ADDRESS] tag. Leave it there and everything will be fine. If you are not using this tag, and you are displaying your address in a section you typed up, change it right now to the aforementioned tag, because you will end up displaying your address twice. Now that would be embarrassing.

If you are not displaying your address at all, and you do not add the mailing address tag by May 1st, it will be added automatically to the end of your emails. You might want to avoid that since it may break your design/layout, and no one likes that.

Canadian Anti-Spam Law

Starting July 1st 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will be put into action, which means that mass mailing rules will not only require that your address is included in all communications, but stricter regulations are being put into place concerning your contacts.

If you want all the gory details, this government website has all the official data on spam legislation.

Kevin Huxham, from CakeMail, wrote a very concise and easy to understand article on the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), and what it means for CakeMail users. Highly recommended.

As long as you’re not sending emails to people that never subscribed to your mailing list or never gave you authorization to send them information via email, you should be fine. If that is not the case, we suggest you get their approval before July 1st.

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