Funio CakeMail Software Update!

You probably know that we offer a unique email marketing solution by partnering with CakeMail. In order to contineue being efficient and to offer you more, we have updated the Funio CakeMail platform. If you are a current user, you will immediately notice a new welcome page, and maybe some of the additional features that have taken place. What you will probably notice the most, is that this happened seamlessly.

By going from version 3.4 to 3.5, our customers can take advantage of a more complete solution. In a nutshell, here are the important updates:

  • a new welcome tab and some additional goodies to welcome users
  • a completely redesigned campaign report page
  • a way to disable the advanced editing mode in the campaign editor (HTML and WYSIWYG) right from the template source code
  • a more secure Single Sign-On (that’s how you connect to CakeMail via the Customer Hub)
  • a better printed stats report and keyboard shortcuts
  • also, a list of bugs have been fixed. View the full list on the CakeMail website

You can also consult the CakeMail presentation page on the new 3.5 version, for a fully featured presentation.

Did you know that you could obtain the Funio Cakemail email marketing solution for free, without any purchases? Recently, we updated our Customer Hub and we now provide you with the possibility of getting hold of this product directly from the Hub, in a few clicks, without the need of any other Funio product! Do not wait any longer!

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