Planned maintenance: security updates from Jan 14 to Feb 3

When: from January 14th to February 3rd

Description: We will proceed to our yearly round of security updates on all of our servers. Therefore, all of them will need a reboot. We expect around 30 minutes max of downtime for each server.

Here is the schedule. All times are EST. Thank you for your understanding.

January 14, 04:00-06:00: ASP servers
January 15, 04:00-06:00: r015-r020, s415-s419
January 16, 04:00-06:00: s231-s234 s241-s244
January 17, 04:00-06:00: s211-s214 s221-s224
January 19, 19:00-21:00: s171-s174 s181-s184 s191-s194 s201-s204
January 21, 04:00-06:00: s001 s014 s038-s039 s052-s053 s056-s057
January 22, 04:00-06:00: s027-s033 s058
January 23, 04:00-06:00: s015-s018 s021-s024 s026
January 24, 04:00-06:00: s006-s013 s002-s005 s019-s020 s023 s025
January 26, 19:00-21:00: s111-s134
January 28 to Feb 3rd: VPS servers


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