The Funio VPS: Perfect Hosting Finally Exists

Whatever your web hosting needs are, our VPS will meet them by offering you all the advantages of shared hosting, the guaranteed resources of a dedicated server and the flexibility of Internap’s Cloud!

Using the most efficient Cloud made available is alright, but to be able to create the most powerful hosting product in the world, with up to 64GB of RAM and 16 vCPU, is a strong statement of integration and development know-how.

In addition to being the best value on the market, our VPS is also the most powerful you will find! Here at Funio, it’s what we call flexibility.

Scale Your VPS

Extreme Performance

Let your imagination be your guide and expand your projects with confidence! The analysis report made by Cloud Spectator (Performance Analysis: Benchmarking Public Cloud) clearly demonstrates that there are significant advantages to using Internap’s Cloud when compared directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In other words, the Cloud we use as a foundation for our VPS is more powerful than Amazon’s. We are offering you the best, nothing less!

We are proud to offer you a VPS that can dedicate up to 64GB of RAM and 16 vCPU, just to you. We can truly speak of performance that until now had never been surpassed!

Provisioning Within Minutes

Your new server online within minutes! Most VPS solutions can take hours to be activated. On the other hand, those that are delivered to you instantaneously are preconfigured installations that were used by a previous customer. With Funio, in addition to creating a brand new installation just for you, you obtain it within only a few minutes!

Dedicated Resources

Thanks to OpenStack’s open source technology, Internap’s uncompromising infrastructures and Funio’s integration know-how, we offer you a VPS that is both powerful and easy to use. Always using the latest state-of-the-art components, Funio can guarantee to you and your customers speed of execution and browsing fluidity like no one else!

Furthermore, we don’t calculate your bandwidth consumption. More freedom for you!

Centralized Dynamic Ressources

Dynamically increase your storage space or adjust the number of processors (CPU) and memory (RAM) of your VPS on the go! You have in your hands an elastic hosting solution that allows you to obtain the necessary resources to launch your website and applications at towering speeds.

Do you need more power? More space? Both? As you wish! Change things up in a few clicks thanks to the Customer Hub.

Simplified cPanel Integrated to your Customer Hub

All Funio VPS products can take advantage of our unique integration of the most popular cPanel functions into our Customer Hub. We believe that unifying and standardizing our interfaces is one of the key components to improving your hosting experience, especially when considering navigation, usage and configuration.

The Answers to Why? How? When? & How Much?

Answering your Questions

Why use Funio’s VPS?

In addition to guaranteeing that resources are dedicated to you at all times, our VPS allows you to easily host your websites (for resellers, e-commerce, content, multimedia, etc.) and your web applications (portals, extranet, collaborative solutions, wiki, CRM, etc.). Regardless of the amount of resources your online activities require, you can always adjust your Funio VPS in a few clicks. On top of it all, our easy pricing scale will allow you to budget your usage easily.

More resources for your website translate into better response times, therefore having a positive effect on your web ranking (SEO) and improving your customers’ navigation experience. Who doesn’t like it when a web page loads quickly? Did you know that most people expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds?

How do I scale my VPS?

With the Funio Customer Hub, adjusting the resources of your VPS has never been so simple! Select a new RAM/CPU plan, or double your disk space in a single click from the product management page of your VPS in your Customer Hub, at any time.

How can I migrate my web hosting content to this VPS?

Migrating from one server to another is never fun, which is one of the reasons you’d be opting for a Funio VPS. Once on our platform, you will never need to change hosting solutions!

Suffering from migration anxiety? Do not hesitate to contact our support team who will be more than happy to help you and handle your migration. Let the experts do the job!

How much will this perfect hosting solution cost me?

The cost range of our VPS product comes with no fine print or bad surprises. They vary from $77.99 to $459.99. 4GB of RAM and 150GB of disk space for $77.99 is approximately $30 less than the competition! With our VPS, you get a fully managed hosting solution in addition to guaranteed resources made elastic on the most powerful platform you can find!

Plans VPS

* 2/3 of the indicated space is for your backups.

Available Soon!

In early May, you will be able to put your hands on the fully featured range of Funio VPS, obtaining your own virtual private server from as little as $77.99! In the meantime, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through the assistance section of the Customer Hub, or speak to our staff through the LiveChat!

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