The Funio VPS is Finally Available

It’s with great pride that we are happy to announce that our line of VPS products is finally available on, or directly from your Funio Customer Hub.


Whatever your web hosting needs are, our VPS will meet them by offering you all the advantages of shared hosting, the guaranteed resources of a dedicated server and the flexibility of Internap’s Cloud!

The most flexible and powerful VPS

Nos Plans VPS

Completely managed with VIP support: Peace of mind

Funio VPS Specs

Our team dedicates much more than just resources to you. In addition to being supported by our web specialists, if you chose a 32 or 64 GB RAM VPS, you will also be welcomed into our VIP support.

You wish to protect your customer’s experience, execute web applications faster and have a platform that allows you to grow with confidence. By trusting the Funio VPS, you take advantage of extreme performance in addition to dynamic, centralized and guaranteed resources. All of this is made available within only a few minutes.

Visit to redefine your web presence!

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